Meadowlark Women's Golf Club

Membership Information

Please complete your application first through SCGA and return to this page once your application has been accepted. 

Complete the Member Information and Optional Fees form and mail it to the membership chair after you have been accepted by SCGA

Meadowlark Women’s Golf Club (MWGC) is a friendly and welcoming group of women who enjoy golf and competing with their friends.  We play on Wednesday mornings beginning at 8:00am, and the pace of play is good…we keep up with the group in front of us and play “ready golf” whenever possible.  We have weekly, monthly and special “games” and competitions, including an annual Club Championship.

Our members post their 18 individual-hole scores each week, so it is important to have a USGA handicap index.  If you do not have one already, you can still apply for membership and we will help you establish one. 

Prospective new members to MWGC will have a 90 day free trial period…SCGA will forward your information to the Club but will not charge your credit card, and your application will be put into a pending status.  Our Membership Chair will email you information about how to get signed up to play; it will be sent to the email address you indicate on the SCGA website when you apply to MWGC.  You will also receive information on the Optional Fees required to participate in the competitions mentioned above.

During this 90-day free trial period, we encourage you to come play with the Club as a guest, get to know us, try out the pace and style of play and join us in the clubhouse after the round to celebrate.  Also during this trial period, you will have a chance to demonstrate your ability to satisfy the Club requirements of abiding by USGA and local MWGC rules, being able to maintain pace of play as defined by USGA, and exercise proper etiquette at all times during the round.

At any time during this 90-day free trial period when you and MWGC members both determine that you’re a good fit and you still want to join the Club, your SCGA application will be accepted by our Membership Chair, and your credit card will be charged.


Sharon Wertz
P. O. Box 757
Seal Beach, CA 90740