General Meeting Minutes October 7, 2020

The meeting was called to order by Bonnie Roohk (President) at 12:30 p.m. with 30 members present.

The minutes of the September meeting were approved and will be posted on the bulletin board (when access is available) and website and were approved by acclamation. 

Ellen Goodwin has had knee surgery.

Cash on hand was reported.

WLPGA dues need to be submitted by November 1 so we can submit memberships by Nov. 15.

Membership forms were e-mailed. 

Low net winners for September: Jackie Minnis and Barb Negrete; 68.
Ringer results were e-mailed to members.

Marilyn Sandoval and Carol Smith with 68. 3rd place: Holly Henke, Jo Quinn, Jan Brown, and Barbara The winners for September tournament are: 1st place: Pam Dunn, Linda Mosard, Mary Eggert and Karen Coulter with 66. 2nd place: Peggy Bachlor, Linda Braren, Negrete with 72. 4th place: Kathy O’Steen, Donna Ray, Ann Williams, and Carol Wagner with 73. 

October monthly tournament will be October 28.  

HANDICAP/PUB LINKS (Carol Kofahl).  Report on website.
See attached. Winners for Association day in September also posted on WLPGA website.

Please post your golf scores within 24 hours of playing. Members should use the “post by hole” option on the website. Too many errors when “adjusting ourselves.” Also, remember to post scores.

Most improved golfer for September is Peggy Bachlor: 11.2 to 8.8. Great!

Championship tournament October 19 and 20 at Coyote Hills.

SCGA Team Play. 
SCGA team played Stockdale to a tie but lost the tie breaks. Meadowlark wins silver medals! Great job and great team play. 

No rules broken or reviewed.

Carol Smith presented a tentative review of 2021 Board members. Members will vote on those nominations and any additional nominations at the November meeting.

Members were asked if “splitting” range ball cost could be coordinated by Carol Kofahl.  Members were concerned that current rules allowed only 45 minute usage window; however, Meadowlark management will “work around” their usual Policy and give an extended time to use the practice balls.

A vote by members will be taken at the November meeting. 1) Constitution and Standing Rules changes (reviewed with members, e.g., increase in Club dues, etc.) AND sign up procedure, i.e., only sign up 2 people or 4 people at one time. FYI. Any “fee” approved changes must be included in the Constitution.

2021 budget has been reviewed by the Board. Some decrease in 2020 revenue due to COVID restrictions for several months. Members (by raised hands) agreed to increase Meadowlark dues to $50 (increase $10). Official vote will be taken at the November meeting.

SOCIAL (Jackie Minnis)
A review of options for the December 16 Meadowlark holiday party. Discussed several “acceptable” options with Steve, e.g., social distancing, etc. Members seemed comfortable with the option of tables throughout the bar and dining area and in the foyer. Card tables can be set up with mandatory “mask” wearing. Jackie will re-review with Meadowlark management and present the Plan for December 16.

Sandi Davis is our birthday winner. 

November 2 is the Rodrigo’s fundraiser. Jackie will send out flyer which must be presented at Rodrigo’s when ordering food to go or when dining in the outside eating area!

Adjournment 1:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Penelope V. Brear, Secretary