Carol Kofahl, Chair

The 2020 Far Away From Home Tournament is scheduled at Crystal Springs Resort in New Jersey, from September 13-20 has been cancelled.

There were no play days in  April or May due to Covid 19, so no winners. We will be playing in June, so get ready for some fun again. Please arrive early, as lines for  check ins and making greens fee payments may be very congested.

Please check your handicap index every time you play.
Please post your adjusted score every time you play. I am now asking you to do this using the HOLE-BY-HOLE application. I found way too many mistakes this month...are we out of pratice? Please post the same day that you play so that the dates are correct. If you cannot post, please call me or email me, and I will post for you. If you need help getting access, please call me so we can get you set up.

MOST IMPROVED GOLFER for May is Yvonne Rochester! Yvonne went from an index of 22.5 to 20.1. Hot!!! In second place was Bonnie Roohk, and third place was Carol Kofahl.

May all your putts drop in.

Respectfully submitted,Carol Kofahl

                                                                                                                               MEADOWLARK WOMEN’S GOLF CLUB
                                                                                                                                General Meeting Minutes June 3, 2020

The meeting was called to order by the President at 12:52 p.m. with 31 members present.

Steve Bossard thanked our members for their support during the COVID-19 crisis and noted our strong turnout for play.  Steve had chairs and tables set up outside with social distancing observed.  He also announced that the driving range is open; call to book a time.  Slots are reserved for an hour with stations cleaned between reservation times. Players club not an option yet.

Karen Coulter has submitted her application for membership.  Stephanie Slates is currently playing with us as a guest and may join in the near future.

The minutes of the May meeting were posted on the website and were approved by acclamation.  Minutes for the current meeting will be posted on the bulletin board (when access is available) and will also be on the website.

Reported cash on hand.

Members were asked if putt book should return.  The member’s decision was to not play a Putts contest at this time.
Ringer will be announced in July. Two month’s of data available and the membership agreed that this would be enough to proceed with this quarter’s contest.
Low net winner for May is Carol Kofahl : 67.
Currently, we cannot post the signup sheet on the bulletin board so Barbara Negrete will continue to e-mail the sheet to the membership.  Members may contact Barbara by email, or text, or phone for sign up changes.
When requesting your tee time for meeting day, indicate if you are a W (walking) or an R (riding) beside your name so that the best route for you to start on the course can be considered.

Marian passed around a sign-up sheet for the championship games. The fee for all 3 games will be $10/person which Sarah Nardacci will collect on the first tee day 1.  These are the monthly tournaments for June/July as the Championship games will be held June 24, July 1, and 8. Tee groups will be arranged by flight and player’s handicap.  To win the Club Champion or Runner-up award, a player needs to have been a member for 3 full months and have competed in at least 6 official club events.  All members in good standing, however, are eligible for the 2 out of 3 games contest.  Snacks will be available. Take them or leave them according to your comfort level!

HANDICAP/PUB LINKS (Carol Kofahl):  Extended Report attached.
Please post your golf scores within 24 hours of playing. Members should use the “post by hole” option on the website as we have been making too many errors when adjusting ourselves.  Also, remember to post scores whenever you play a round.
WPLGA Association Day will resume in June. Options are posted on WPLGA website.
2020 Far Away from Home tournament has been cancelled. 2021 tournament will be held on the “big island” Hawaii.
Most improved golfer is Yvonne Rochester 22.5-20.1.

By a show of hands, there was enough interest to participate in SCGA games. There will be 32 teams from various locations. No venues known yet. Bonnie will move forward with preparation. These first games will be similar to a play-off game.  Teams face immediate elimination if not the “winner.”

The temporary COVID-19 rules were reviewed, i.e., sand traps, putting.  Members agreed that the current rules sufficiently clarify how to fairly proceed with accommodations.  A request was made that the “cones” in the holes on the green can be straightened (many are against the hole and bent).



SOCIAL (Jackie Minnis)
Jackie reported that participation of virtual dinner from Rodrigo’s went well with members supporting Rodrigo’s with $482.89 in takeout food purchases.  This is in addition to gift cards that were purchased.   The club will receive a check of $96.58 from Rodrigo’s for our charity.  The next Rodrigo’s fundraiser will be in September.  At that time, we may be able to sit down and eat in the restaurant.

Birthday wishes were extended to Sheila Blyth and Ellen Goodwin who were not at the meeting.

No raffle today.

Adjournment 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Penelope V. Brear, Secretary