General Meeting Minutes May 4, 2022 

The meeting was called to order at 11:20 a.m., 33 members attended. Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m. 


The minutes of the April 6, 2022, general meeting were approved by acclamation and will be posted on the bulletin board and website. 


New Member: Paula Lomelin is a recent addition and is present today. Welcome! 

Jerrie Chapin’s husband passed away. Marilyn Sandoval’s “watchman procedure” went well and she is feeling better. Jan Brown starting to play again! Please consider reaching out to Jerrie. 

Cash on hand

81 members. 

Optional fee list is posted on the bulletin board. 

WEEKLY TOURNAMENT (Barbara Negrete) 

Low net winner for April: Sally Modzelewski. 66! Great job! 

Please indicate on your score card if you are playing from the yellow tees. 

Please put your start and end time on your official score cards. Still imperative pace of play is adhered to and we need the information as a back-up. Are you keeping up? Pick up if you aren’t keeping up. 

Ringer results beginning of July. 

Pay “the Pig” 25 cents each time you go into the water; or, $1/month! 


April 20 monthly tournament. Donations were reimbursed. 

Breast Cancer Angels tournament is May 18. Meadowlark will give us a 7 a.m. shotgun start and we will be able to host 64 players. There are still a few slots available. Contact Myrna. Please let Myrna know if you can donate personally, get a donation, etc. 

2022 Club Championship Tournament - Sign-up sheet was circulated at the meeting. 

HANDICAP/PUB LINKS (Debbie Dakouzlian) 

Most improved for March: Peggy Bachlor: 14.92 to 12.3. Well done! 

Play day results for April. Association Day winners from Meadowlark included: 


1st Flight - Jackie Minnis/Gross 2nd. Christine Ramirez/Gross 3rd. Sandi Davis/Net 1st 

2nd Flight - Penny Brear/Net 1st 

Tijeras Creek: 

1st Flight - Peggy Bachlor/Net 1st. 

2nd Flight - Joyce Nagatani/Gross 3rd 


SCGA: May 9 (practice) and May 10. 

WPLGA: Lost net by 1.5 points. Congratulations to all who competed. 


Going to start a 3-month trial run of having a Yellow Tee Flight where players can compete for Gross and Net. Currently have 4-5 players playing from these tees. 

Tee for Two: Mary Eggert will organize this event scheduled for October. 


Members need to be ready to tee off 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time. MGC is currently putting us out earlier than our published tee time. Today, all groups finished their round in under 4 hours! Awesome. 

RULES (Jackie Minnis) 

Which club do you use to determine your Point of Relief? Can you use any club? Can you change your mind and change the club you thought you were going to use? What about penalties? Jackie will wait to hear back from SCGA. 

SOCIAL (Marian Rocchi) 

June 6 is the next fundraiser at Rodrigos. 

Birthday winner for May: Gemma Bannon. 

Respectfully submitted, Penelope V. Brear, Secretary