General Meeting Minutes September 6, 2023

​Meeting brought to order at 12:50 p.m. with 34 members present. 

NEWS OF MEMBERS: Peggy Bachlor reported that Diana Svevlosky cracked her kneecap.  Jan Brown is improving and is walking outdoors.  Sarah Nardacci has moved out of the area.

MINUTES:  Peggy Bachlor made a motion to approve the August meeting minutes.  The motion was approved by Carol Fresco and seconded by Jackie MInnis.


Joyce reported the current account balance.

MEMBERSHIP:  Sharon Wertz 

Sharon reported the MWGC currently has 79 members including new member Cathryn Schneider.  Sharon reminded members to renew their membership on the SCGA website.  

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS:  Barbara Negrete reported there will be a change to the weekly play sign up.  Currently members sign up to play 10 days in advance.  Beginning September 6, 2023 the sign up will be 7 days in advance.  Barbara will send the “Who wants to golf?” email on Wednesday evenings at approximately 6:00pm.  August low net winner was Karen Kei 67.  

Ann Williams introduced discussion regarding players ineligible to win if they do not attend the General Membership meeting.  Peggy Bachlor said she will discuss the suggestion with the Board of Directors.


Peggy reminded members of the two-day eclectic tournament September 20 and 27th. It will be a Partners Better Ball tournament and the cost is $10 per player.  Peggy will have a lock box on the bulletin board and envelopes with each player’s name.  Put $10 in the envelope with your name and put the envelope in the lock box.

HANDICAP/WPLGA: Debbie Dakouzlian (Not present)

Handicap Committee member, Carol Fresco, reminded members to post their score on the same day played.  She said there are a few members who have not posted as many as 12 times, despite several direct reminders.  If a member does not post their score the handicap committee may, at their discretion, post the lowest possible score for the member based on handicap.  Please post your score on the day played!

MOST IMPROVED:  Debbie Dakouzlian reported that Starla Thompson is the Most Improved Golfer for August.


SOCIAL: Marian Rocchi

Marian announced the September birthday winner is Mary Zant.  The next Wahoo’s fundraiser will be September 11th.   

RULES: Jackie Minnis

Jackie discussed the rules information sent via email and encouraged members to email her with questions to be featured monthly.


NEW BUSINESS: Peggy Bachlor

Peggy thanked the Constitution Committee members for their work on the changes to be voted on next month.  The Constitution Committee members are: Marti Slates, Sharon Wertz, Holly Hencke, Barb Rechlin, and Carol Smith.  

Sharon Wertz discussed the Constitution changes proposed, confirmed that members received her email explaining the changes, and offered to answer any questions.  

Peggy Bachlor discussed the improving conditions of the golf course and encouraged members to post positive reviews.