General Meeting Minutes October 4, 2017

The meeting was called to order by the President, Bonnie Roohk, at 1:45 pm with 25 members present. 

NEWS OF MEMBERS: The ladies club welcomes Barbara McIntosh back to Wednesday golf.

The minutes of the September Meeting have been posted on the Bulletin Board and Website and were approved by acclamation.

Joyce reported cash on hand.

WEEKLY TOURNAMENT: Yvonne Rochester:
•  Yvonne announced the 3rd quarter Ringer Winners:
    A  Flight:   

    1st Gross  -  Cindy Fellows
    1st Net     -  Sheila Blyth
    2nd Gross -  Peggy Bachlor and Jackie Minnis

     B Flight:   1st Gross   -  Barbara Rechlin
     1st Net       -  Debbie Potter
     2nd Gross  -  Debi Rodden and Sue Van Valin
     2nd Net      -  Sandi Davis

     C Flight:   

     1st Gross  -  Sally Jacobs and Dorothy DeMutis
     1st Net     -  Marti Slates

•    Sheila announced the winners of the “End of Summer” Tournament:
     1st Place Winners were Jerrie Chapin, Myrna Haskins, and Kathy O’Steen
     2nd Place Winners were Debi Rodden and Carol Smith

•    October 18th will be the Halloween Tournament. Come in costume and bring only 4 golf clubs.
•    Sheila met a representative from Breast Angels charity. The group wished to meet her later and perhaps plan a February event for the charity.

HANDICAP-PUB LINKS: Barbara Rechlin:
•    Courses available for November Association Play Day are:
      River Course at Alisal, Elkins Ranch, Burbank Debell, Steele Canyon and Royal Vista
      Also:  Rio Hondo                         $52/with cart
                Rancho San Joaquin         $40/with cart
                Cross Creek                       $39/with cart   -- - 8 am shotgun

•    Meadowlark winners for September:
     Recreation Park: Barbara Negrete,  Barbara Rechlin, Yvonne Rochester and Carol Smith
     San Clemente: Donna DeWit, Sandy Osterhout, and Peggy Bachlor

•    Sierra Lakes Senior Tournament on Sept 25th:
     1st Gross – Jerrie Chapin
     1st Net – Donna DeWit
     2ndGross – Peggy Bachlor
     3rd Gross – Joyce Nagatani

•    MOST IMPROVED GOLFER FOR SEPTEMBER – Penny Brear.  Her handicap dropped from 39.9 to 36.7.

•    Bonnie reminded the membership that the 2018 dues were now due.  Joyce collected renewals.

•    Carol Smith presented the slate of officers for the 2018 Board:
 President  -  Bonnie Roohk
    VP/Monthly Tournament  -  Sheila Blyth
    Weekly Tournament  -  Yvonne Rochester

    Treasurer  -  Mary Eggert
    Secretary  -  Jane Ryan
    Handicap Chairman  -  Barbara Rechlin
    Social Chairman  -  Barbara Negrete
    Team Captain  -  Joyce Nagatani
    Parliamentarian  -  Marti Slates
    Website  -  Cindy Fellows

•    The membership approved the revised version to the Constitution and Standing Rules
     The vote was 23 Yes to 1 No.


SOCIAL: Debbie Potter for Barbara Negrete: 
•    Debbie reported on the wonderful Pot Luck held at Ellen and Don Goodwin’s lovely home.
•    Sandi Davis was the only birthday gal present and won the free round of golf.
•    Debbie reminded the membership that the final Fundraiser dinner will be on the 19th at Rodrigos. Ocean View girls’ golf team was proposed to be the recipient of this year’s Fundraisers.  Members should bring alternative suggestions to the November Meeting when there will be a vote.

 RAFFLE: Sarah Nardacci conducted the 50/50 raffle. Winners were:    Sandi Davis, Sue Van Valin, Carol Smith and Cindy Fellows.                              


Respectfully Submitted, Jane Ryan, Secretary