General Meeting Minutes January 4, 2023

Meeting brought to order at 9:04 a.m. 24 members in attendance. Adjourned at 9:27 a.m.

MEMBER NEWS: Penny Brear

Kathy Kumpis and Dorothy Ralphs joined Meadowlark. Welcome. 

No golf today. Inclement weather. 

News of Members: Jane Ryan is receiving hospice care while at Roundtree Assisted Living.  Barbara Mc Intosh is recovering well, Mary Eggert is going to visit. 


The November 2, 2022 General Meeting Minutes were approved.


Current Balance: $7305.37 Linda is working on the 2023 budget.


Play cancelled today due to rain.  If you want to play with a specific member, please contact that person to ensure they also want to play with you that day and email Barbara Negrete that you have checked with the other person, and both want to sign up and play together.  Please do not ask Barb to contact the other person.

Ringer will begin next week.

Payouts will be distributed at the Christmas luncheon. All payouts will be accumulated at year end into one gift card. 


The annual Low Net Tournament will be on January 18th, 2023.  The winners of each month in 2022 are eligible.  All other members can play in a daily Low Net tournament on the 18th with a $5.00 buy in.

HANDICAP/PUB LINKS:  Barbara Negrete for Debbie Dakouzlian

Most improved: Penny Brear: .050. Congratulations!

Play Day results for December Association Day winners from Meadowlark included:

Oak Quarry:

1st Flight – Donna DeWit Net 1st / Peggy Bachlor Net 2nd.


1st Flight - Diana Sveslosky Gross 1s / Christine Ramirez Net 2nd .

2nd Flight – Sally Modzelewski Net 2nd.

3rd Flight – Barbara Negrete Gross 1st / Pauline Lomelin Gross 3rd / Sheila Blyth Net 2nd.

4th Flight – Barbara Rechlin Gross 1st / Yvonne Rochester Gross 3rd.

5th Flight – Sandra Davis Gross 2nd / Carol Wagner-Martin Net 1st.

6th Flight – Penny Brear Net 1st.

7th Flight – Dee Wright Gross 2nd / Jan Brown Gross 3rd / Valerie Klein Net 3rd.

SCGA Team: Peggy Bachlor

WPLGA Team: Donna DeWit.

Waiting for determination of eligibility and further information.



RULES: Jackie Minnis

SOCIAL: Marian Rocchi.

2023 Fundraisers will continue at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, March 6th, June 5th, September 4th, and December 4th.  We receive 20% of the bill, including alcohol, but not including tax and tip.  If you do not wish to dine at Wahoo’s, you may donate directly to Treasurer Linda Braren.

We want to make sure the correct amount is being sent to us. Please send the amount you spent (before tip and tax) to Marian either by e-mail or text to her cell. Marian's information is in your roster book. 

No raffle today.

Happy Birthday to Peggy Bachlor, Kim Herr, Kathy Kumpis, Jo Quinn, Carol Smith, Barbara McIntosh, Pam Dunn, Dee Wright, and Marcella Flippin.

Kathy Kumpis was our birthday winner.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle States, Secretary​