General Meeting Minutes November 3, 2021 

The meeting was called to order at 12:55 p.m. 36 members attended. Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m. 

The minutes of the October general meeting were approved and will be posted on the bulletin board and website and were approved by acclamation. 

Sarah Nardacci and Mary Eggert were at the meeting after being out from injuries. Former member, Helen Airey, passed away September 23. Helen’s memorial service will be held at Meadowlark on November 19 @ 4 p.m. Ellen Goodwin had shoulder surgery and will be out for a while. Sally Jacobs is out until the doctor determines why she is falling down unexpectedly. 

Please reach out to members and provide mental support. 

Several new members in the past few months: Kim Hur; Marcella Flippin; Laureen Starkenberg; Susan Matthewson; Barbara Denning (returning); Marla Campagna; Cathy Fontenot; Charell DeLuca; Laurey Venn; Sharon Scott; Barbara Stopka; Deborah Nielsen; Vickie Merson; Kiki Morrow. Welcome to all. 

 We now have 76 Regular members. 

Mary Zant and Joyce Nagatani volunteered to be a “buddy” to new members. Please let Linda know if you’d like to help out with new members. As a reminder: “Our club would like to match our new members with an established member as golf buddies. Please let Linda know if you are interested in being a golf buddy. As a golf buddy, you would play a round with a new member, be sure they get introductions to other members, and be available to answer questions about our Club.” 

WEEKLY TOURNAMENT (Barbara Negrete) 
Low net winner for October is Jennifer Tran: 65! Great job. 
9-holers will begin their tee time at 9:15. Trial run. We need feedback from them on how this works out. Also, we are only allowed 10 tee times each week. First come, first served. Trying to get more tee times at the beginning of the year but this does not look promising. 

“Birthday, Most Improved, and possibly other certificates for Meadowlark cannot be redeemed during Ladies Day. Please read the paragraph on the certificate: “This Certificate must be redeemed in full. This certificate has no cashvalue, cannot be redeemed during tournament, club or league play and cannot be exchanged or substituted for other items.” So, to use it, you must come and play on a different day than Ladies Day.” 

Some of you have had problems using the gift cards. See Derek in order for him to verify your gift card. 

Don’t forget to “feed the pig.” 

Ensure your “putts” are on the backside of the game cards in case you don’t get them in the putt book. 

MONTHLY TOURNAMENT (Debbie Dakouzlian) 
This was the annual Breast Cancer Angels tournament. What a great response. $3,595 raised. Awesome job by all. 

Sign up sheet at the meeting for November 17 monthly tournament. Details will be sent by email. A “turkey shootout” maybe? 

Thank you for posting your scores accurately and timely. 
You must now post your scores the same day of play. If you are unable to do so, please contact Carol. 
World Handicap System: Please check your handicap index every time you play. Please post your adjusted score HOLE-BY-HOLE every time you play. We need our handicaps to be accurate. Remember, cards are always checked to ensure everyone posted. 
Please make a note of Carol’s contact info. You can contact her by text, calling, or e-mail. 714.274.5813. 

Our October Association Day winners were: 
Paso Robles: 
4th flight: Kelly Kustser 2nd place gross

3rd flight: Donna Dewit 2nd place gross; Sheila Blyth 3rd place net 
4th flight: Joyce Nagatani 2nd place net 
5th flight: Barb Rechlin 1st place gross 
6th flight: Holly Hencke 2nd place gross; Valerie Klein 1st place net; Kathy Osteen 3rd place net 

Costa Mesa/Mesa Linda: 
1st flight: Diana Sveslosky 2nd place gross 

WPLGA Championship Tournament/ Temecula Creek 
4th flight: Penny Brear 3rd place gross 
2nd flight: Sandy Osterhout 2nd place net 

(If you sign up under a different club, your monetary winnings will be sent to that club.) 

LA County Senior Golf Championship: 
67-71 (age range): Jackie Minnis and Penny Brear tied for 1st net 

Most improved golfer for October: Jeanette Borghese who went from a starting index of 41.9 and dropped to 39.1. Great job Jeanette. 

WPLGA/SCGA Team Updates: 
Donna DeWit has sent the application in for Meadowlark’s inclusion in the WPLGA team event. If you want to play, send Donna an email/text/call. You need to have a handicap of 16 or above. Play dates are February 28, March 7, 14, 21, 18, and April 4. 
Please let Peggy know if you wish to be the team captain for the SCGA team play. By a show of hands there seems to be enough interest to put a team together. 

Constitution changes are being finalized and will be presented to the membership via email in the next couple of weeks and then presented at the December 1 General Meeting. 

The cost for members for the December 15 Holiday Luncheon will be $10. The full cost will be supplemented by our healthy budget this year. Sign up with Marian Rocchi. Some members arrive early to play cards, dominoes, 
shoot the breeze, etc. 

From September General Meeting below: 
The Nomination Committee presented the Applicants (Carol Smith/Dee Wright). 
2022: President/Peggy Bachlor, VP-Monthly Tournaments/Myrna Haskins, Weekly/Barb Negrete, Treasurer-Membership/Linda Braren, Secretary/Penny Bear, Handicap Chair-SCGA/Debbie Dakouzlian, and Social/Marian Rocchi. WPLGA Team Captain/Donna DeWit, Rules/Jackie Minnis, Parliamentarian/Marti Slates, Website/Cindy Fellows, and SCGA Team Captain/Open. Handicap Committee (appointed by President): Debbie Dakouzlian/Barbara Rechlin. 


SOCIAL (Marian Rocchi) 
The Fundraiser date for Rodrigo’s will be December 6. Whether you sit down and eat or get a take-away, please use the flyer which you’ll receive by email in order for Meadowlark to receive 10% of the total cost of food back 
into our budget for future donation. 

Birthday winner for October: Joyce Nagatani 

Respectfully submitted, Penelope V. Brear, Secretary