​   General Meeting Minutes April 3, 2024

Meeting brought to order at 9:13 a.m. with 27 members present. 

NEWS OF MEMBERS: Peggy Bachlor had surgery to remove a tumor near her spine.  The tumor was later found to be cancerous, and she will undergo further treatment. Her doctor is optimistic and remarked on Peggy’s strength and otherwise good health. (Some information was not reported during the meeting.)

Mary Eggert is recovering from surgery to remove an 8mm tumor from her breast.  No further treatment is necessary currently.  

Karen Coulter is recovering well after surgery to repair broken bones in her leg following a skiing accident.

MINUTES:   Carol Smith made a motion to approve minutes from the March 6th meeting and was seconded by Sandi Davis. 


Sharon reported the current account.

MEMBERSHIP:  Sharon Wertz 

Debbie Dakouzlian reported for Sharon that we currently have 77 members.  Cheryl Kamishin is the newest member.  Seven members renewed their membership this month, and 4 renewals are due during April and May. Sharon is maintaining the membership list and roster book, please notify her when a member has changes to name, address, phone number, or email address.


As the Weekly Tournament chair, it is Barbara’s responsibility to assess weather conditions to ensure safe play and cancel if necessary.  Barbara cancelled play today due to the recent rain and poor course conditions.  Barbara will be out of town next week.  Barbara Rechlin will have the weekly play scorecards.

Barbara also reported the March Low Net winner was Carol Fresco with a 69.  Ringer results for the first quarter were sent to members via email.


Mary reported the winners of the March Lucky Shamrock Tournament were:  1st Place with a score of 179 was Starla Thompson, Barbara Negrete, and Norma Gutierrez. They each won $26.   2nd Place with a score of 181 was Sarah Strube, Debbie Dakouzlian, Valerie Klein, And Marilyn Sandoval.  They each won $23.  3rd Place with a score of 184 was Yvonne Rochester, Judy Schaad, and Marian Rocchi.  They each won $20.

Mary said April 17th will be a Step Aside Scramble and distributed a sign-up sheet.

HANDICAP/WPLGASC: Debbie Dakouzlian 

Debbie reported the March Most Improved Player was Diana Sveslosky improving from 15.0 to 14.3. 

Debbie reported the following winners from the March WPLGASC play at Mile Square.  First Flight, 1st Gross, Jackie Minnis. 2nd Gross, Peggy Bachlor.  1st Net, Michelle States. 2nd Net, Kimmy Beck. 3rd Net, Sally Modzelewski.  Second Flight, 1st Gross, Barbara Rechlin. 1st Net, Barbara Negrete. 1st Net, Donna De Wit. 2nd Net, Joyce Nagatani.  Third Flight, 1st Net and Closest to the Pin, Barbara Denning.

Debbie reminded all members to post their scores on the day they play.  Last week two foursomes did not post at all.   Members playing WPLGASC team play should post their own scores.  SCGA team play scores will be posted by Peggy Bachlor.

TEAM PLAY:  Donna De Wit

Donna reported we have won all four of our matches and finals will be played April 29th at Rio Hondo Golf Course.

SCGA TEAM PLAY:  Peggy Bachlor (Not present) 

SOCIAL: Marian Rocchi and Patty Mathis

Marian reported MWGC received $69.66 from the last fundraiser at Rodrigo’s.  She said she is looking into the feasibility of the next fundraiser at a California Pizza Kitchen.  Dorothy Ralphs is the April birthday winner.  Marian and Patty held an Easter Egg raffle and the following members won prizes: Pam Mabry, Barbara Negrete, Cathy Fontenot, Carol Smith, Mary Zant, and Penny Brear.

TEE FOR TWO: Donna De Wit

Temecula Creek Resort and Golf.  A block of rooms has been reserved for Check in Sunday, November 17, and Check out Tuesday, November 19 before golf.  Monday golf will be a 2-person best ball; Pick your own foursome.  Tuesday golf will be a scramble with foursomes TBD by blind draw.  Tee times TBD, but Donna is working on a shotgun start again.  The Creekside House has been converted to administrative offices, so the preliminary plan is to have a banquet on Monday evening at a restaurant in Old Town Temecula.

RULES: Jackie Minnis

Penny Brear reported for Jackie that a rules question and answer was emailed to members.  Penny asked members to review the MWGC standing rules and suggest any necessary changes/clarification.

OLD BUSINESS:  Penny Brear

Penny asked if anyone would be interested in compiling information that reflects when each member joined MWGC.  Peggy Bachlor and Sarah Nardacci have old roster books that can be used to gather information.

Yvonne Rochester said she and Barbara Negrete are still working with Golf Genius.  She will soon email a link to members to use for sign-ups.  She said the sign ups must be done via internet browser and not the app.  The app is for scoring.


Penny said she received the 2023/2024 WPLGASC budget and will have Debbie Dakouzlian email it to MWGC WPLGASC members.  Penny encouraged members to review the budget and if there are any questions, please email her or Debbie.