General Meeting Minutes May 5, 2021

The meeting was called to order by Peggy Bachlor (President) at 12:45 p.m. with 35 members present.

The minutes of the April general meeting were approved and will be posted on the bulletin board and website and were approved by acclamation. 

None to report.

Guest: Van Cao will renew membership.

Cash on hand
Also, when you renew your membership, if you can, please pay “optional fees” by check, not cash.
Jackie Minnis was distributing reimbursement $ for 2020 Holiday Luncheon. If you have not received your money back, ask Jackie.

Low net winner for April: Myrna Haskins: 68. Great job!
Ringer results. Keep going. A couple more months to go!
Plese ensure the “backside” of score cards “match.” Ensure chip-ins, birdies, etc., are posted on both cards.  

MONTHLY TOURNAMENT (Debbie Dakouzlian) Results for April tournament below.
March winnings were distributed.
Monthly payouts will be in cash if they are $20 or less.

Flight A
1st Place Kimmy Beck 30.5, $15.00
2nd Place Barbara Negrete 34.0, $14.00

Flight B
1st Place Linda Mosard 31.50, $15.00
2nd Place Sally Modzelewski 32.0, $14.00
3rd Place Joyce Nagatani 33.5, $12.00

1st Place Judy Blinderman 29.5, $15.00
2nd Place Mary Eggert 31.0, $14.00
3rd Place Jennifer Tran 31.5, $12.00
4th Place Donna Ray 32.0, $10.00
5th Place Debbie Dakouzlian 34.5, $4.50

Flight D
1st Place Gemma Bannon 31.0; $15.00
2nd Place tie Kathy O’Steen; 34.5, $14.00
2nd Place tie Dee Wright 34.5, $14.00
3rd Place Jeanette Borghese 35.0, $10.00
4th Place Sally Jacobs 35.5, $4.50

Discussion with members regarding how monthly tournaments are handled by selection criteria. All agreed Debbie is doing a fantastic job. (I hope you heard your round of applause Debbie!) Should we have more “blind draws” individual games" team games, more scrambles, etc., etc. Generally, membership would opt more for a 75/25 mix of monthly games such as more blind draw games and team events that include scores you can post. The criteria for monthly games has not been reviewed recently. Blind draws would allow new (and “old”) members to play a monthly game together. Members enjoy some tournaments that allow higher handicap players to tee off from the yellow tees. Some members prefer not to play in team events and/or compete with others. THAT’S OK! Just indicate when you sign up for the monthly tournament that you will not be participating in the event but want to play at the "End of Field". 

May 19th Monthly tournament. Debbie will send out an e-mail to sign up and a sign-up sheet was circulated at the meeting.

August 18 is the Member/Guest tournament. You will receive a flier soon but in the meantime start to pull your teams together!

October 13 is the Breast Cancer fund raiser tournament. Mark your calendars. 


Thank you for posting your scores accurately and timely.

Most improved golfer for April is Yvonne Rochester who went from 22.6 to 20.9. Congratulations!

The June 10 Association Day has the following choices: Cypress Ridge, Los Robles Greens, Olivas Links, Coyote Hills, Alhambra, and Rancho del Sol. Check the WPLGA website for details and please read the “red” notes associated with that event.

Our April Association Day winners at Meadowlark and Montebello are:
First Flight. Peggy Bachlor and Diana Sveslosky; 2nd place net
Third Flight. Debi Rodden; 3rd place net
Third Flight. Marian Rocchi and Donna DeWit; 4th place net

World Handicap System: Please check your handicap index every time you play. Please post your adjusted score HOLE-BY-HOLE every time you play. If you cannot post, call Carol. If you don’t get posted by Friday 11:59 p.m. Carol will post for you. We need our handicaps to be accurate. Remember, cards are always checked to ensure that everyone posted.

Please make a note of Carol’s contact info. You can contact her by text, calling, or e-mail. 714.274.5813. 

WPLGA Team Play:
Please see the note below from Donna. What a great job she did. 
I would like to thank everyone for getting our team to the finals! Everyone was so enthusiastic, willing to play and played with such competitive spirit! 
The Championship for Low Net was held Monday May 3rd at El Dorado Park Golf Course.  Congratulations to the team of David L. Baker (which included fellow Meadowlarkers, Sue Jett, Mary Zant and Myrna Haskins) We came up a few points short, with DLB winning with 38.5 points to Meadowlark’s 33.5 points. All matches were very close, losing each match by only 1-2 points. Given that each of our opponents had 5-7 strokes, I would say that we did pretty good to keep the matches so close. If it is any consolation, we would have won gross... 41.5 to 30.5! 
I learned a lot as your captain and enjoyed the experience.  Hope you all want to do it again, next year!


All members agreed to re-instating the “putting” book and monthly raffle. Barbara Rechlin has the putting book. Put your $1 in the envelope and you will hear if you had the lowest putts at the 19th hole. It can be a great return on your investment. 

Sand Traps. If there is a footprint, move the ball within one club length (no closer to the pin) and place the ball. If you hit a second time into a footprint or unclean area, you can once again take a free drop no closer to the pin. Obviously, every stroke you make is counted! 

If you take a practice swing ON THE FAIRWAY and accidently hit your ball, replace the ball to its original location and take a one stroke penalty. Accidentally moving your ball while on the tee or green during a practice stroke does NOT incur a penalty.

SOCIAL (Marian Rocchi):
Fundraiser dates for Rodrigos: June 7, September 6, and December 6.

Kimmy Beck is the May birthday winner. 

Adjournment 1:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Penelope V. Brear, Secretary